Worship Communities

Worship Communities

Our parish communities are organized by Mass celebration and each referred to as an Ecclesial or Worship Community.  Each community is assigned liturgical and pastoral responsibilities with their own trained leadership.  See Ecclesial teams.


Each Community has created an expression of themselves in the form of a banner.  The following descriptions explain their uniqueness.

5:00 PM Chapel   – View Group Photo
The 5:00 PM Community likes to sing out and use our voices fully to praise the Lord.  Visitors have often noted the level of participation in songs.  The Banner for this Community includes an outline of the window to represent the chapel, with the sun setting over the hills in the background and music rising into the sky.

 8:15 AM The Villages – View Group Photo
Against a backdrop of beautiful hills overlooking Evergreen Valley, the Villages Mission Monument and Bell are alive with soaring white birds representing the history, involvement, and vitality of the Villages Ecclesial Community.

 8:30 AM Chapel –  View Group Photo
To distinguish our community, we used three (3) basic elements: the rolling hills we see from our chapel, thesunrise brightening the sky, Saint Francis of Assisi welcoming with outstretched arms bringing all together in celebration of community.

 9:00 AM Gathering Space – View Group Photo
This is the Family Tree of the Silver Oak Community.  It is growing strong, and living in faith.  Our tree extends its branches to welcome all.

 9:30 AM Grange – View Group Photo
The Grange Banner symbol is the Sunflower, the first flower planted on the hill where the new chapel stands.  The sunflower illustrates how the Grange Ecclesial Community has grown and taken root.  The roots of the sunflower represent all the current Ecclesial Communities of St. Francis of Assisi, the in-flight birds show the continued growth of new parish members for all the communities and the sun symbolizes God’s blessings.

 10:30 AM Chapel – View Group Photo

By what we share, we have grown from a crowd on the hill to a faith sharing community.  As Jesus went up the hill to talk to the people assembled, He knew they were hungry.  Gathering loaves and fishes from them, He fed the masses of people.  When He was finished feeding them with words and food, they stopped being a crowd on the hill and became a faith sharing community. 

11:00 AM Gathering Space – View Group Photo
We’re new!  We’ll share more about us very soon.

12:30 PM Chapel – View Group Photo
The sun is dominant symbol on our banner.  It represents the time of our mass—the sun is high in the sky during our worship service.  The grapes on the vine represent both of the newest additions to St. Francis of Assisi—the vineyardgrowing on the church property as well as the 12:30 Mass—the newest addition to the Ecclesial Communities.  In addition to the symbols, we have the Evergreen hills in the background and the Cross representing Christ and the 12:30 Community as the branches hopefully bearing the fruit of our love and dedication to the larger parish community.

6:00 Chapel (Youth Mass) – View Group Photo
The Youth Community of St. Francis of Assisi has their own very unique personality.  We have identified ourselves as the B.R.A.T.S., believing religion is alive in teens.  We pride ourselves on being the future at the church and enjoy the diversity of our community.  Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity. (Timothy 4:12).

 Igbo CommunityView Group Photo

Vietnamese CommunityView Group Photo

Daily Mass CommunityView Group Photo

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