Generations of Faith

Generations of Faith

What is Generations of Faith?

Generations of Faith was started by the Center for Ministry Development in 2001 and is funded through a large grant from the Lily Endowment. It is currently being offered in 700 parishes across the United States. Generations of Faith is an innovative approach to faith formation (Religious Education or CCD).

It enables the parish to become a community of learning by creating lifelong faith formation that is centered in the events of church life, embraces all ages and family generations, and promotes faith at home through parish preparation programs. Most importantly, it increases participation in church life.

The program centers around a monthly gathering at the parish where parishioners of all ages gather for a shared meal, prayer, in-depth learning and sharing.

For whom is Generations of Faith and how does it benefit?

For Families with Children (Pre-K to 6th grade): Generations of Faith provides on-going catechesis and faith formation for children and their parents (replacing Family Faith). It is required for children preparing for parish sacramental programs such as the First Eucharist program. Children learn together with their parents.
For Teens (6th-12th grade): Adolescents come on their own or with their families and attend the in-depth learning portion of the sessions normally with their peers, and at times in inter-generational groups. Generations of Faith is required for high school students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
For Young Adults (18-30 yrs. old): At times neglected in parish formation programs, Generations of Faith provides young adults an opportunity to gather and learn about their faith through experiences tailored to meet their needs.
For Adults (30 yrs.+): Yes, faith formation is not just for children and families! Our faith grows and develops as we grow. Adults gather to share their wisdom in inter-generational sessions and as well in in-depth learning sessions specific to their needs. The first year focuses on deepening our understanding of the Feasts and Seasons celebrated in the Church year.

What Happens at a GOF Session?

  • GOF sessions are on the 2nd week of each month.  The calendar follows the school year. (September through May)
  • What we learn at GOF prepares us for an upcoming church event or mass celebration.
  • GOF is PART of  the requirements  for sacrament  preparation.
  • Each year has a different “theme” or focus which does not repeat until the 7th year.
  • GOF sessions are ONCE a MONTH.
  • Your  family signs up for  ONE of the following days and attends that day each month:

TUESDAY   6:30—9:00pm
WEDNESDAY   6:30—9:00pm
THURSDAY   6:30—9:00pm
FRIDAY   6:30—9:00pm

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