Healthcare Risk Management: The Most Diverse Career in Healthcare

Healthcare risk managers have various different tasks, work in various different fields of healthcare, and many times, people get confused about what healthcare risk managers actually do. Below, you can find more about the nature of the career, the working environment, and the necessary education, training and certification needed in order to start a career in this very diverse healthcare field.

Healthcare Risk Management: An overview

Healthcare risk management is a fairly new profession within the healthcare field, and maybe that’s the reason why it has become so diverse in nature. Many professionals who have the qualifications and actually work in the risk management department of a facility will not hold the title of healthcare risk manager, but a different one, despite doing the exact same tasks. Healthcare risk management professionals work in a variety of subfields like clinical, financial, legal and general business aspects; claims management, risk financing, statistical analysis; event and incident management; the psychological and human factors of healthcare; insurance policies and regulations, and other fields within healthcare and medicine. The broad disciplines ensure one thing: that a healthcare risk manager never gets a dull day at work.

Working environment and work setting

As a profession, healthcare risk management is very diverse, but all of the positions focus on providing good healthcare services to patients, and to create a positive influence on the field of healthcare. Healthcare risk managers work in many different organizations and healthcare facilities, and the tasks differ and are unique for each organization or healthcare facility. For example, a healthcare risk manager that works in a hospital will have different tasks compared to a healthcare risk manager that works in a healthcare organization, national organization, or a rehabilitation facility. However, all healthcare risk managers need to be flexible, as their tasks can be different even in the same facility or organization. This means that healthcare risk managers can have many different educational backgrounds. The profession is relatively new in healthcare, and due to its diverse nature, there is not a set of educational parameters that must be met, allowing for professionals of various different educational backgrounds to work as risk managers. In addition, healthcare risk managers can take care of patients’ insurances, estimate the financial risk for the facility they work at, and many other analytical and statistical tasks during their usual working day.

How to become a healthcare risk manager

Unlike many other careers in healthcare, there is not a set route towards becoming a healthcare risk manager, so there is no need to sit through a national licensure exam.To begin with, you need to have some basic knowledge about risk management, what it means, what it entails, and how that knowledge can be applied to a healthcare facility or organization. This means that you can become a healthcare risk manager with a bachelor’s degree in law, medicine, registered nursing, clinical, health law, health insurance, business and many others. While in school, it is preferable to seek organizations that focus on healthcare risk management to build a network of contacts and to get internships or field studies in risk management to have the relevant experience. After you graduate, look for positions and be prepared to learn more and get further training on the job.


Worship Communities

Our parish communities are organized by Mass celebration and each referred to as an Ecclesial or Worship Community.  Each community is assigned liturgical and pastoral responsibilities with their own trained leadership.  See Ecclesial teams.


Each Community has created an expression of themselves in the form of a banner.  The following descriptions explain their uniqueness.

5:00 PM Chapel   – View Group Photo
The 5:00 PM Community likes to sing out and use our voices fully to praise the Lord.  Visitors have often noted the level of participation in songs.  The Banner for this Community includes an outline of the window to represent the chapel, with the sun setting over the hills in the background and music rising into the sky.

 8:15 AM The Villages – View Group Photo
Against a backdrop of beautiful hills overlooking Evergreen Valley, the Villages Mission Monument and Bell are alive with soaring white birds representing the history, involvement, and vitality of the Villages Ecclesial Community.

 8:30 AM Chapel –  View Group Photo
To distinguish our community, we used three (3) basic elements: the rolling hills we see from our chapel, thesunrise brightening the sky, Saint Francis of Assisi welcoming with outstretched arms bringing all together in celebration of community.

 9:00 AM Gathering Space – View Group Photo
This is the Family Tree of the Silver Oak Community.  It is growing strong, and living in faith.  Our tree extends its branches to welcome all.

 9:30 AM Grange – View Group Photo
The Grange Banner symbol is the Sunflower, the first flower planted on the hill where the new chapel stands.  The sunflower illustrates how the Grange Ecclesial Community has grown and taken root.  The roots of the sunflower represent all the current Ecclesial Communities of St. Francis of Assisi, the in-flight birds show the continued growth of new parish members for all the communities and the sun symbolizes God’s blessings.

 10:30 AM Chapel – View Group Photo

By what we share, we have grown from a crowd on the hill to a faith sharing community.  As Jesus went up the hill to talk to the people assembled, He knew they were hungry.  Gathering loaves and fishes from them, He fed the masses of people.  When He was finished feeding them with words and food, they stopped being a crowd on the hill and became a faith sharing community. 

11:00 AM Gathering Space – View Group Photo
We’re new!  We’ll share more about us very soon.

12:30 PM Chapel – View Group Photo
The sun is dominant symbol on our banner.  It represents the time of our mass—the sun is high in the sky during our worship service.  The grapes on the vine represent both of the newest additions to St. Francis of Assisi—the vineyardgrowing on the church property as well as the 12:30 Mass—the newest addition to the Ecclesial Communities.  In addition to the symbols, we have the Evergreen hills in the background and the Cross representing Christ and the 12:30 Community as the branches hopefully bearing the fruit of our love and dedication to the larger parish community.

6:00 Chapel (Youth Mass) – View Group Photo
The Youth Community of St. Francis of Assisi has their own very unique personality.  We have identified ourselves as the B.R.A.T.S., believing religion is alive in teens.  We pride ourselves on being the future at the church and enjoy the diversity of our community.  Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in spirit, in faith, and in purity. (Timothy 4:12).

 Igbo CommunityView Group Photo

Vietnamese CommunityView Group Photo

Daily Mass CommunityView Group Photo



Welcome to Youth Ministry. We have many programs for youth grades six through young adults.  If you have any questions about our programs, feel free to contact the Youth Ministry Director, Cecile Vo at 223-1770 x305.

  • ECHO Junior High Ministry
  • IGNITE High School Ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry

Remember!   Youth Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 6 p.m. in the Chapel.

Youth and Young adults serve as greeters, ushers, lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, musicians, singers and other forms of liturgical ministry.  For more information in participating or assisting at the Youth Mass please contact Youth Ministry Director, Cecile Vo at 223-1770 x305 or Jackie Ho at


(Encountering Christ and Helping Others)

Welcome to ECHO Jr. High Ministry.  All junior high school teens from 6th to 8th grades are invited to join our ECHO family for fun, friends, fellowship and faith. All our activities are geared to bringing teens closer to Christ and His church and to ECHO God’s love to others.  ECHO is lead by high school leaders who have come through the ECHO program.  Our Friday ECHO meetings consists of a variety of subjects such as teen issues, prayer experience, Catholic teaching and community building.


We meet every Friday from 7pm to 9:00pm (except the for week of the month when GOF is held)


For more information, please email our ECHO Coordinators: Jackie Ho, Justin Gaspar


(In God Now I Trust Everything)

Welcome to IGNITE High School Ministry.  All high school teens from 9th to 12th grades are invited to join our IGNITE family for fun, friends, fellowship and faith.  All our activities are geared to bringing teens closer to Christ and His church and to IGNITE the fire in our hears to share God’s love to others. IGNITE is lead by adults, young adults and high school leaders. Our Sunday IGNITE meetings consists of a variety of subjects such as teen issues, prayer experience, Catholic teaching and community building.


We meet every Sunday from 7pm to 9:00pm after the 6pm Youth Mass.


For more information, please email our IGNITE Coordinators:  Raymart Rota, Ellie Aviles


Welcome to high school confirmation ministry.  All high school teens from 9th to 12th grades are invited to join our CONFIRMATION family for fun, friends, fellowship and faith.  All our activities are geared to bringing teens closer to Christ and His church and to CONFIRMATION the fire in our hears to share God’s love to others. CONFIRMATION is lead by adults, young adults and high school leaders. Our Sunday CONFIRMATION meetings consists of a variety of subjects such as teen issues, prayer experience, Catholic teaching and community building.


Download 2013-14 calendar .


For more information, please email our CONFIRMATION Coordinators: Kevin Bernaga, Aimee Vo

Young Adult Ministry

The Young Adult Ministry responds to the faith needs of single and married women and men from age 18 to 39 in the parish community.  Young adults represent a tremendous resource to the Catholic Church, a resource that needs both encouragement and nourishment.  Together with the Diocese, the Young Adult Ministry drives the effort to “attract and engage … young adults in the life and leadership of the Church in significant ways.”(Diocese of San Jose web site) .
Father Chady  – Parochial Vicar at x328
Jennie Rose Jalique – Coordinator


Filipino Ministry Team

The Filipino Ministry Team promotes cultural awareness and participation by engaging the parish community in celebrating Filipino liturgical events, such as the Simbang Gabi, Flores de May, Salubong and Santo Nino.


Here are other links you might enjoy:

Vietnamese Ministry

The Vietnamese bi-lingual mass is able to bring 3 generations together to celebrate the Eucharist which include grandparents, parents,and children.It allows us to proclaim our deep faith in God and also reaffirms our family rich in traditions & customs. The Vietnamese Ministry shares their religious culture with the entire community of St.Francis of Assisi with their celebrations.

Minh-Tam Nguyen –
David Phan –
Theresa Ngyen –
My Hanh Nguyen –
Cuong Nguyen –

Igbo Ministry

lgbo Bay Area Catholic Nigerian community meets for Mass and social once a month here at St.Francis of Assisi on the 2nd Sunday of every month.

SunnyOffoljebe –
Aldan Ogamba –  aidanogamba@yahoo.comq
GoodluckUkwulje –

 Hispanic Community

The Hispanic Community enriches the parish by sharing their religious heritage. They plan the celebrations of Dia de los Muertos Our Lady of Guadalupe,and Posadas.

Marla Delaney – 408-531-1945

Italian-American Ministry

More coming soon.

Indian Ministry

The Indian Ministry Team invites all parishioners of Indian ancestry or have affinity or interest  with India,to plan the celebration for the  Feast Day of Our Lady ofVelankanni and to  share the richness of their religious traditions and culture with the entire parish community.

Deepa Palamuttam –



Greetings!   A little bit about Music and its important role in Liturgy:

Certainly, music can make our Eucharistic celebration beautiful, solemn, and festive.  Good music can elate us, make us joyful, and even inspire us to prayer.  Special music will comfort us in times of sadness, strengthen us in difficult times.  But the right music will inspire us to hear the Word of God, to act upon it, and spread the news that God loves his people!  That is the aim and purpose of Liturgical Music.  To help us pray, to help us learn, and to inspire us in faith, hope, and love, worship and celebration, service and action.  How powerful is that?!

Some will say that Music enhances the Mass.  The Church says that Music is integral to our worship and celebration.  Music and especially SINGING is of utmost importance to the Liturgy, and does not serve as mere beautification, decoration or enhancement.  Music and singing, therefore, is not optional.  The Church calls each and every person to join in the prayer that only singing may express and accomplish.  We are all called to give praise to God in every manner we are able.  Not only with our words but with our eyes, our ears, our bodies, and definitely our vocal cords!  If you can make a noise with the voice God has given you, you must use it.  You mustn’t leave it to the person next to you.  We are called to praise God with “every fiber of our being” and that includes our vocal cords!

Everyone can sing.  The voices of the assembly singing at Mass is more important than the music from choir or Cantor.  With that said, it makes it necessary for able musicians to bring the assembly to perform its roles.  But it does take a certain talent and a certain dedication to lead others in the sung prayer of the Church.  If you have been graced with musical skills, and are hearing the Spirit’s call, please explore the different opportunities for Music Ministry here at St. Francis!  Even if you think you’re not great, there is still a place for you in the choir as long as you’re willing to put in the effort. 


Altar Servers

Welcome to Altar Servers Ministry!

What is an Altar Server?

Altar Servers are lay liturgical ministers whose main role is to assist the priest in celebrating the mass. They are in charge of holding the roman missal when the priest prays the collect prayer during mass, set up the altar during the preparation of the gifts, carry the processional candles, and the cross during the procession.

What are the requirements/qualifications?

  • A candidate must be an active member of the parish.
  • He/She must receive Holy Communion.
  • He/She must have a strong desire to serve at the altar of the Lord.
  • He/she must be at least 9 years of age.
  • He/She must complete the 3 sessions of altar server training.

For more information of this ministry contact Fr. Chady.


Generations of Faith

What is Generations of Faith?

Generations of Faith was started by the Center for Ministry Development in 2001 and is funded through a large grant from the Lily Endowment. It is currently being offered in 700 parishes across the United States. Generations of Faith is an innovative approach to faith formation (Religious Education or CCD).

It enables the parish to become a community of learning by creating lifelong faith formation that is centered in the events of church life, embraces all ages and family generations, and promotes faith at home through parish preparation programs. Most importantly, it increases participation in church life.

The program centers around a monthly gathering at the parish where parishioners of all ages gather for a shared meal, prayer, in-depth learning and sharing.

For whom is Generations of Faith and how does it benefit?

For Families with Children (Pre-K to 6th grade): Generations of Faith provides on-going catechesis and faith formation for children and their parents (replacing Family Faith). It is required for children preparing for parish sacramental programs such as the First Eucharist program. Children learn together with their parents.
For Teens (6th-12th grade): Adolescents come on their own or with their families and attend the in-depth learning portion of the sessions normally with their peers, and at times in inter-generational groups. Generations of Faith is required for high school students preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
For Young Adults (18-30 yrs. old): At times neglected in parish formation programs, Generations of Faith provides young adults an opportunity to gather and learn about their faith through experiences tailored to meet their needs.
For Adults (30 yrs.+): Yes, faith formation is not just for children and families! Our faith grows and develops as we grow. Adults gather to share their wisdom in inter-generational sessions and as well in in-depth learning sessions specific to their needs. The first year focuses on deepening our understanding of the Feasts and Seasons celebrated in the Church year.

What Happens at a GOF Session?

  • GOF sessions are on the 2nd week of each month.  The calendar follows the school year. (September through May)
  • What we learn at GOF prepares us for an upcoming church event or mass celebration.
  • GOF is PART of  the requirements  for sacrament  preparation.
  • Each year has a different “theme” or focus which does not repeat until the 7th year.
  • GOF sessions are ONCE a MONTH.
  • Your  family signs up for  ONE of the following days and attends that day each month:

TUESDAY   6:30—9:00pm
WEDNESDAY   6:30—9:00pm
THURSDAY   6:30—9:00pm
FRIDAY   6:30—9:00pm


Mass Schedule


8:15am (Villages)
8:30am (Chapel)*
9:00am (Gathering Hall)*
9:30am (Grange Hall)
10:30am (Chapel)*
11:00am (Gathering Hall)*
12:30pm (Chapel)*
4:00pm (Chapel) – Vietnamese – Bilingual Homily
6:00pm (Chapel) – Youth Mass


8:30am (Chapel)
5:00pm Vigil (Chapel)*


M,T,W,Th, F: 8:30am (Chapel)
Friday: 9:00am (Villages)

Second Sunday of Each Month

12:30pm (Chapel) – Igbo Mass


Saturday:  4:00 – 4:45 pm (Chapel Narthex) or by appointment

* Children’s Liturgy of the Word is held.


St. Francis of Assisi Blood Drive-Saturday March 7, 2015

We will be hosting a blood drive with the Stanford Blood Center on Saturday, March 7, from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Gathering Hall. If you would like to book an appointment on-line, go to the St. Francis of Assisi or the Stanford Blood Center website. We will have sign-ups before and after Mass beginning February 15. Contact Linda with any questions or comments.


“REVERSE” WINTER RETREAT for High School Youth | FEB 27-MAR 1

IGNITE Youth Ministry of St. Francis of Assisi in collaboration with Holy Spirit, Santa Teresa & St. Thomas of Canterbury Parishes.




Please come to IGNITE sessions on Sunday after the 6PM Youth Mass, or contact the Youth Ministry office for registration: